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Equilibrium - Self Harmony

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Skin Deep

Skin Deep
Skin Deep tells the story of Romo a 15-year-old mixed race boy, who struggles to deal with who he is. Haunted by memories of racial abuse and violence suffered throughout his childhood, Romo has taken to concealing his mixed race identity and begins to hang around with a gang of overtly racist white youths. The film examines the situations that combine to push Romo's internal conflict to the limit. He faces himself in the mirror - two cultures, two identities. Irreconcilable.

Warning: This film contains very strong language, racism and scenes which some visitors may find triggering.

Hate Me Now

Hate Me Now
Hate Me Now launched what was once an idea into what you see now. Equilibrium.

It's a 5 minute piece of factual filmmaking that will leave you shocked and make you want to get involved and support the project

Warning: This film contains scenes which some visitors may find triggering.


History is a short digital story about Valiant's past that was created during workshops for the Loop website.

In this story he takes us on a rollercoaster ride of his past and the history of what caused him to first self harm.

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