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Equilibrium - Self Harmony

Helping Equilibrium

Some of our members and visitors have expressed interest in helping Equilibrium. There are various ways in which you can do this. The first and perhaps most important of all is to raise awareness, you can do this by having links in your own website, posting on forums or maybe having a link in your signatures on forums. You can also tell people you know via text, email and instant messages.

If you prefer, you can donate directly or raise money for equilibrium by holding a sponsored event(s).

You can also use the following links to purchase stuff online, a percentage of the value of the item will be donated to Equilibrium.



In Association with Amazon.co.uk

Amazon [GO]
One of the biggest retailers online. Selling almost everything you can imagine. Buy anything using the link above and Amazon will donate 5% of the value to Equilibrium. It doesn't even cost you a penny!
See who said donating to Equilibrium had to cost you anything?!

Donate via PayPal
Every single penny that you donate goes directly to Equilibrium and helps us to continue raising much needed awareness, which surprisingly can get very expensive. Without your donations Equilibrium simply wouldn't be here.



Equilibrium Awareness Merchandise [GO]
Raise awareness and support Equilibrium at the same time by purchasing the Awareness Merchandise we have available.


Equilibrium Megastore [GO]
Want something unique? Become your own designer with our great megastore and the manufacturers will create it for you. Great fun!


Visit Wiggle Wiggle [GO]
Wiggle is one of Europe's biggest and best online cycle superstores. They have an excellent reputation and are donating a whopping 10% of every item you buy in your first 3 months of becoming a member to Equilibrium.