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If you are thinking about linking to Equilibrium or already have... Thankyou. One thing that we ask is that you ensure that you have the correct details for any and all links to Equilibrium. 

Website Name: Equilibrium
Website Address: http://www.selfharmony.co.uk
Description (if required): "An award winning user-led self injury support community. Raising awareness and providing information on first aid, recovery and featuring forums, resource directory, artwork, distractions, events and awareness merchandise."

In addition, please feel free to use the following banners. The preferred method is to use the supplied code for each banner. It's as simple as cut and paste! If however, you prefer to host the banner yourself then you are free to do so, provided you do not alter the banners in any way and you agree to the terms here.


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If you do use the banners, don't forget to let us know as sometime in the near future we will be adding a links page for those that link to us.

Please note: 
All hyperlinks must start with the prefix "http://" in the source code, without this, the link may not be accessible to some machines. Do not resize or modify the banners without the written permission of Equilibrium. The banner cannot be misused into represent support for your website from Equilibrium. We will in time introduce a separate feature for this.