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Equilibrium - Self Harmony

London to Paris Sponsored Bike Ride
To raise awareness of self harm, to blow apart stigma, to act as a distraction, and a chance to have the ride of your life!
This will be an excursion not to be missed!

Following on from the hugely successful SIAD Event/Launch Party in 2004, this year we're going one better and planing to do a sponsored bike ride from London to Paris to help raise awareness of self harm and to blow apart the stigma that people who self harm are reclusive. The 186mile long four day ride will consist of 4x90 minutes sessions covering on approximately 60 miles a day at an average speed of 10mph. At this moment in time we're looking for people who are interested in participating as cyclists, interviewees, drivers, first aiders and bike mechanics.

Once we have a rough idea of the number of people interested, we can then go onto stage two of the planning and finalise dates, fundraising, route, accommodation, food and travel back to the UK. 

Alongside the event, we will be producing a documentary that will look at the positive and negative impact on family and friends of people that use self harm to cope. The majority of the filming will be interview based and you DO NOT have to be filmed if you don't want to be. The film crew will be driving side by side with the riders and also acting as a 3rd support vehicle if needed.

There will be first aid, cycle spares, blankets, snacks etc, following in the two main support vehicles, one of which will be a minibus/coach to aid those who feel like they cannot go on any further due to their fitness or injury. This ride is open to ALL members of the general public providing they have registered for the event and have a valid passport at time of event. We recommended that you carry out your own insurance and ask your doctor if you have any health problems.

The ride will be a chance to keep fit, meet others and explore the English and French countryside all by using your own steam!

If you are interested then please click here!