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Equilibrium - Self Harmony

Self harm myths and misconceptions
There are many common myths and misconceptions surrounding self harm, the following have been submitted by members of various self harm related sites across the web.

  • Self harm is an attempted suicide
    People who self harm aren't usually trying to kill themselves. Self harm is usually used to avoid suicide. Its used to survive...not to die.

  • People who self harm are just trying to get attention.
    Anything can be used to get attention such as saying hello to someone. Everyone wants attention and where it is true self harm can be a cry for help and attention it isn't the only reason people self harm.

  • Only people with Borderline Personality Disorder {BPD} self harm.
    Self harm is a symptom of BPD but it is also a symptom on other illnesses such as depression.

  • If the wounds aren't "bad enough," self harm isn't serious.
    Self harm is always serious weather the wounds are deep or not.

  • Only teen-aged girls self harm
    Self harmers are male and female ranging from age 8 to 70+. Anyone can self harm regardless of the sex or age.

  • Self harm is a trend...people do it to be "cool."
    Some people do self harm because it is "cool" and the in thing. But not everyone does.

  • Someone who self harms can just stop what they're doing, if they really want to
    Self harm is an addiction...like smoking or drug. Some people can stop cold turkey and never self harm again. But other can't some people need self harm to survive. Even if they don't want to self harm they need to because it as become an addiction.

  • People who self harm have been abused
    Some people who self harm have been abused. But not everyone who self harms was abused. The reason for self harm are unique to the individual.

  • People who self harm use cutting to do it
    Cutting isn't the only form of self harm. Some self harmers burn, punch, pull hair to harm themselves. Anything can be used as self harm such as sex, alcohol...if its used with the intention of harming yourself.

  • Self harmers who cut only cut their wrist
    Some self harmers do cut their wrist this is true...but not all self harmers do.

  • Once you stop self harming the problem will go away
    Self harm is not the problem. Its only a result of underlying issues. To treat self harm you need to treat the inner fears of that person first. Self harm is a symptom not a cause.

  • Self harm is the same for everybody
    Its not different people do it for different reasons. And different people use it to fulfil different needs at different times.

  • People self harm to hurt/manipulate other people
    Self harmers don't self harm to cause other people pain. People self harm for reason like feeling alive, stopping emotional pain they are feeling. And where is does hurt other people that is not the self harmers intention.