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Equilibrium - Self Harmony

Safety First

Those of us who do self injure, realise that we can not always stop someone from doing so, but what we can do is to help someone to be as safe as possible. If you do feel like self injuring and none of the distractions are working then please observe the following rules.

If you do want/need to self injure, please try the 15 minute rule. When you get the urge to do it, try and stop yourself for 15 minutes by doing something else, like writing in your diary, watching something funny, cleaning etc. At the end of the 15 minutes, if you still feel the need to self injure, try another 15 minutes. In most cases, the urge to self harm only lasts for about 5-10 minutes.

  • When cutting always make sure the instrument is sterilised or brand new.

  • Never share any implements you use to si with anyone else.

  • Never mix alcohol or drugs with self harm, you could end up taking it further then what you wanted.

  • Never si over a previous wound, you might end up with permanent scars and cause serious damage.

  • Always use a new bandages or plasters when looking after your wounds.

  • Always choose a safe and quiet place, not anywhere where you can be startled.

  • Always have a first aid kit to hand. Make sure it contains bandages, plasters, antiseptic wipes etc.

  • Have your phone near by in case you need to call for help.

We are not medical professionals but the information contained on this site has been reviewed against various official sources and found to be correct. If you have any comments regarding this; please click here.