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Explanation of postage

When you make an order you will automatically be charged 1.50 for delivery to the UK, this is the postage for one type of item. For instance; if you were to purchase 1 Ribbon you would be charged the price of the ribbon plus 1.50 postage, if you were then to order more ribbons then you would will not be charged any extra for postage.

However if you also purchase another type of item, you will be charged an extra 1.50p. The best explanation of this would be to say that delivery is charged per style of item and not by actual quantities.

Why this system?

In the past, the majority of orders we've received have been for large quantities of the same item, we believe this to provide the best value to our visitors. And don't worry, PayPal will calculate it all for you!

All items will be sent via Royal Mail 1st Class Post within the UK and via Air Mail to all other destinations worldwide. Delivery times for online orders are 1-3 days for the UK, and 3-7 days worldwide depending on location. Not including weekends or public holidays. If ordered by post; please allow a few days extra for delivery.

Maximum Quantities

To ensure maximum availability we have decided to limit purchases to no more than 10 of each item per order. However, subject to prior notice we can source and supply bulk orders.


All items will be posted in plain discreet packaging and will not mention the site or self injury anywhere. The only inserts will be with the bracelet kits where it contains information on how to make the bracelet.


If you have completed an order and we are unable to fulfil it, we will refund the money back into your account or not accept it if we are aware of the situation beforehand. We will also get in contact with you to let you know. In the case of postal payments we will return the money via post and/or make contact via email address or telephone number if supplied.

If you have any further assistance or enquiries then please email admin@selfharmony.co.uk or post on the forum.