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Equilibrium - Self Harmony

Submitting a film [Back]

The online cinema is a very popular section of the website and can generate a lot of publicity for your film. Over 11,000 people a week visit the Online Cinema. And now we're open to submissions. If you wish to submit a film it must first meet some of the criteria laid out on this page.


The film should be bear some relevance to mental health and must be submitted by the producer/director. A consent form must also be signed and sent along with the film, detailing that you give Equilibrium permission to screen these films online and that all relevant consent from contributors has been granted. Unfortunately, we cannot at this moment accept films that are over 1 hour in length, this is due to space and bandwidth issues. Please also supply an information sheet with details of the film, film makers/production company details, synopsis and website address. This will be used for the information panel next to the film.


Due to available resources we can only accept the following formats MiniDV (SP only), MiniDVCAM, DVCAM, Sony HDV, DVD including Plus or Minus, CD, and high quality QuickTime or MPEG files.


We will choose the best possible balance between size and picture quality. The standard rate being similar to those already in the cinema.


Please send all media and paper work to:

Sam Hayder
Ground Floor West
Towpath House
Limehouse Court
3-11 Dod Street
E14 7EQ
Great Britain

Please Note: We reserve the right to refuse submissions. All films will be water marked and have an Equilibrium intro to prevent content piracy.