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Before you overdose

  • Before you take an intentional overdose, try to identify what you wish to gain from it. Why are you doing it? Is there a less dangerous way to get the same thing? Is there anyone you can talk to who could help you through this?

  • If you still want to take an overdose, look up the drug you intend to take online. Find out exactly what it is likely to do to you, and what the danger symptoms are. It is unlikely that you’ll still want to take the drug in overdose once you know the horrible things it will do to you.

  • If you have taken an overdose accidentally, you should still look up what it is likely to do, as it may incite you to call an ambulance where normally you wouldn’t.

  • Any overdose can be dangerous, no matter how small the amount. Always seek medical attention, and follow any instructions contained within the drug packaging.

  • Never assume that you should do the same thing for all drugs. All drugs are different and have different instructions for how to handle an overdose. Where one might say, “induce vomiting”, another overdose might be made worse by doing the same thing.

  • If you go to hospital, take the rest of the drug, or the packaging with you. This can save the emergency team vital time in identifying what you’ve taken. Even if you don’t think you will need to go to hospital as you take the overdose, leave the packaging out in case you pass out and are not conscious if a medical team arrives.

  • Never assume that non prescription drugs can’t be dangerous.

We are not medical professionals but the information contained on this site has been reviewed against various official sources and found to be correct. If you have any comments regarding this; please click here.


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